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At SAMOSA NYC, we individually hand wrap samosas with diverse fillings from sweet to savory. "Taste is in the fold." Our Samosas have multiple thin layers, adding to the crisp. A unique blend of East African, Caribbean and Middle Eastern heritage, inspires fresh, tasty fillings. The Samosas, also called Sambuxa in Sudan and other East African countries are usually served when guests visit (meaning constantly) or at weddings and holiday celebrations. Our work is influenced by the generations of women and their hosting of catered events that left guests talking for days.


Every culture has it’s Samosa! Whether you want to call it Sambuxa, Sambusa, Sambusak, Fayter, Patties, Empanada, Meat pie, Piroshki or Spanakopita, filled pastry baked or fried is an international favorite. 


We have just launched in March 2018 and serve our samosas as well as a variety of Sudanese and Haitian dishes at various events around New York City. We offer a variety of meat based, vegetarian as well as vegan fillings suitable for anyone’s pallet. 



 Gladys Shahtou

Gladys Shahtou


About The Founder

I'm Gladys and was born in Khartoum, Sudan. I grew up in Zurich, Switzerland and have always had a passion for cooking. I consider New York home, as I spent nearly all my summers and winter holidays in this city. Food and culture are synonymous to New York. Throughout my college education and holding various jobs,  I always wanted to pursue a food business. New York is fortunately the perfect place to pursue the dream of bring traditional Sudanese and Haitian fusion recipes that I grew up eating to the World (New York's International Community).